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Benefit from a low minimum campaign spend


Everybody Loves Unboxing. Affiliprint distributes vouchers, gift cards and product samples through e-commerce parcels and magazines.


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Over Affiliprint

Everybody Loves Unboxing! That is why we manage a large network of webshops and publishers to reach consumers at a positive time at home. We do this by adding vouchers or gift cards to webshop packages and magazines that have the best match with the target group you want to reach. With a discount code on the voucher / gift card we ensure that the results can be viewed online and we analyze them in order to establish the basis for our cooperation. So are you looking for a target group that you cannot reach through traditional media channels or would you like to differentiate in order to achieve your sales targets (structurally)? With over 10 years of experience, we are happy to use our expertise to help you achieve your goals. Book through us exclusively the package space of Douglas, Media Markt and Blokker, among others. All we need from you is a design, we do the rest of the work.

Inserts at Hello Fresh
Inserts at Media Markt
Inserts at Blokker and BCC

Benefit from a low minimum campaign spend

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